MAD Squad V’s COVID-19

Hi All,
Due to the new ban on indoor gatherings over 100 people, MAD has been forced to postpone their upcoming show “STOP the MADness!” to a later date. We have already organised refunds for any purchased tickets for this term’s show and will open new tickets sales for when the show is rescheduled.
Obviously at this stage we have no idea when this ban will be lifted.

We have been advised as of Thursday 19th March at 3pm that the department has put a stop to any site hire to all private entities from outside the school. This unfortunately includes MAD Squad. So this means that classes will not continue for the remainder of the term regardless if schools stay open or not. We have no idea when this ban will be lifted by the department so this also stops us from starting Term 2&3 Spring into MAD enrolments and classes. We will be looking into other venues that classes could potential start in Term 2 if school continues to stay open. However we know this may change our enrolment numbers considerably as we would loose the convenience of classes being held on school grounds.

Regarding Term 1 enrolled students we still have 2 weeks remaining of our MAD Term and so once the bans are lifted and we have a new scheduled date for the performance days we will resume 2 weeks worth of classes to refresh students before taking to the stage for their well deserved chance to shine. Please note that these classes may not occur at the same weekly scheduled times as they have this term. At this stage these refresher classes would more than likely take place on 2 consecutive weekends leading up to the new scheduled performance date.

If schools do remain open we will try and find an alternative venue for classes in the aim to keep Term 2&3 MAD Enrolments and classes on track for our major “Spring into MAD” production (usually performed in September).  If school closures do occur in Term 2or3 we have the flexibility of being able to extend the rehearsal period and production into the weeks of Term 4.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Jackie 0439 760 957
Jess 0421 381 244